Victorian Arts Community Reveals Their Own Vaccination Campaign


20 Jul 2021



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The arts community of Victoria has come together for a “Performance of a Lifetime”, a public health campaign which urges Victorians to receive their vaccination against Covid.

In a compelling effort to lift vaccination numbers across Australia, the campaign presents vaccinations as an “ensemble” effort to keep the community safe and help the entertainment industry, before outlining the vaccination process in a clear and hopeful manner.

Revealed on 19 July, the campaign was developed by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra in collaboration with Arts Centre Melbourne, Melbourne Theatre Company, The Australian Ballet, and many more Victorian performing arts and entertainment organisations.

Filmed at St Vincent’s Hospital Royal Exhibition Building Vaccination Hub, Performance of a Lifetime features familiar artists such as Deborah Cheetham, Meow Meow, Rhonda Burchmore, Tim Minchin, Tripod, Virginia Gay and many more from The Australian Ballet, Melbourne Theatre Company and Short Black Opera.

The arts community and events industry has been harshly impacted by the pandemic due to the many cancelled events and restrictions. The Performance of a Lifetime campaign draws upon the desire of performers and audiences to return to theatres, venues and events, by comically comparing mass vaccination to being a part of a Victorian ensemble or performance.

The video also addresses vaccination hesitancy and misinformation by encouraging those who are uncertain to speak with their doctor about the truth of Covid vaccines.

The social media campaign is based on health advice that recognises that mass vaccination will reduce the spread of Covid, lessening the risk of further restrictions, lockdowns, and venue capacity limits.

The comedic and artist-driven campaign has been applauded on social media for its delivery, in contrast to the recently released scaremongering campaigns of the Federal Government.

The percentage of the Australian population who have received both doses of their COVID-19 vaccine remains extremely low when compared to the populations of other OECD countries in a widely criticised national vaccine rollout.

Written and directed by Emma Muir-Smith, the campaign will be aired at select MSO performances to encourage Victorians to get vaccinated and participate in the “performance of a lifetime.”

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