UK Live Music Industry Commits to Reaching Net Zero by 2030


17 Sep 2021



Written By Staff Writer



The UK live music industry launched the Beyond Zero Declaration campaign during A Greener Festival’s Green Events and Innovations Conference yesterday.

The new campaign is fronted by LIVE Green, the sustainability arm of the UK’s live music Industry Venues and Entertainment alliance.

All 13 association members of LIVE endorsed the Beyond Zero Declaration, a voluntary sector-specific promise to deliver on climate action and setting out the sector’s commitment to reach net zero emissions by the year 2030.

The campaign builds on significant efforts across the sector to boost sustainability already, ranging from the end of single use plastic at festivals to sector wide efforts to reduce the environmental impact of touring.

John Langford, AEG Europe COO and Chair of LIVE Green, said we are now at the tipping point for our climate.

“This is not a rehearsal,” he said.

“We want to tap into the power of music to help deliver a step-change in the environmental impact of our sector – from carbon emissions through to plastic waste – helping us demonstrate that moving faster towards decarbonisation is a route to a competitive advantage.”

LIVE supporters include powerhouse promoters such as Live Nation, TEG mjr, and AEG Europe to name a few; organisations that truly do have the power to change standard industry practices.

LIVE Green aims to ensure meaningful climate investments are made to achieve the sector’s collective targets now and into the future, establishing an industry-wide approach on permanent emissions drawdown by 2030.

Previous research has shown that UK live concerts and performances generate 400,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions every year, with accommodation, merchandise, and promotions all contributing on top of that.


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