Two leaders in event management technology join forces


24 Jul 2021



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Two major software providers of event and venue management tools recently announced a merger that will benefit venue managers and event organisers. Ungerboeck and EventBooking will combine “in order to create new experiences using innovation and imagination, while continuing to focus on customer success”. With the aim to help the events industry achieve new heights, Ungerboeck and EventBooking combine over 50 years of experience together.

The team say they will look at the needs of their potential customers and match them to the unique advantages of each software tool that they provide, helping to deliver new ideas and solutions that will cover the event life cycle.

Manish Chandak of Ungerboeck will serve as President and CEO, and Steve Mackenzie of EventBooking will serve as Executive Vice President.

“We want to create new possibilities, and we’ll be better positioned to focus on client needs, both known and potential,” Chandak said. “Our differences make this endeavour extremely valuable, but both organisations share a vision for putting their clients first. That vision and commitment won’t change. We’ll learn from each other and continue learning from those we serve, finding better ways to transform their businesses and simplify their day-to-day lives.”

“Together, we unify our efforts to provide easy-to-learn and powerful products to drive the industry forward, all while we marry the aspects that clients love about each,” Mackenzie said. “And, of course, the biggest focus will always be on service and ensuring we continue to set the standard in this area.”

Founded in 1985, Ungerboeck provides event and venue management software to over 50,000 users in more than 50 countries around the world. They provide end-to-end event and venue management software with CRM, booking, registration, mobile, websites, reporting and financial tools.

EventBooking is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that specialises in online booking and venue management for areas such as arenas, stadiums, convention centres and performing arts centres. Their software allows for venue workers to access, manage and share event information from anywhere in real time.

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