Ticketmaster Releases Two-Part Film Supporting the Return of Australia’s Event Industry


7 Oct 2021



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Ticketmaster have released two short films to give a behind the scenes look at Australia’s Event Industry from the perspectives of Australian promoters, artists, production crew, ticketing agents and all those involved in getting live events back on the road amid lockdowns and imposed restrictions on mass gatherings.

The first film titled Radical Hope follows WA-based promoter John Zaccaria as he staged the first national tours of early 2021, following the nationwide lockdown. The film stars the likes of Missy Higgins, John Butler and Felix Riebl (The Cat Empire), as well as industry heavyweights like Live Nation Asis Pacific’s Roger Field, Ticketmaster’s Head of Strategic Partnerships Rob D’Orazio, and Event Health Management’s Managing Director Hug Singe to name a few.

The second film titled Back to Live goes further into the broader industry, highlighting the importance of touring for artists, the need of community for fans, and a look towards the future. Featuring many of the same stars and industry legends, as well as British comedian Russell Howard, both films were commissioned and support by the good ole folks at Ticketmaster.

Gavin Taylor, Managing Director of Ticketmaster Australia, said “This is a critical time for our industry, and we wanted to put the spotlight on the incredible people working behind the scenes on the journey back to live, while shining a light on the huge benefits live entertainment brings to our society.”

Roger Field, President of Live Nation Asia Pacific, talks about the resilience of the live industry in the film series, whilst Gavin Taylor concludes that fan demand for live is at an all-time high.

“We continue to see huge pent-up demand from fans,” he says. “And with artists keen to get back on the road, we know live music will see a boom like never before – we just need to work with government on a solid roadmap for the path back to live.”

WATCH: Back to Live

WATCH: Radical Hope

Photo: Ticketmaster


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