World First: Ticketek combines Mobile Tickets with COVID Check-In and Vax Status Apps


3 Nov 2021



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Ticketek has improved COVID-safety, reduced unnecessary bottle necks, and improved convenience for fans at venue admission points by offering fans the opportunity to check in to venues straight from their mobile ticket, in a worldwide first for the live entertainment and sport industry.

Ticketek’s innovative digital ticket technology additionally allows fans to verify their vaccination status quickly on their mobile, streamlining the fan experience as Australia reopens its live events.

Ticketek has joined with the Victorian Government, which will be the country’s first State to make the check-in solution open to fans at Ticketek venues from Thursday beginning with the Kennedy Oaks Day at Flemington Racecourse.

Customers will check in straight from their mobile ticket through a deep-link into the Service Victoria App, then verify their check-in and vaccination status at bag check by alternating between the government app and their mobile ticket in a single tap.

Minister for Government Services Danny Pearson: “We’re making sure we have the best technology in place to get our fantastic events up and running again and make them run as smoothly as possible.”

“Service Victoria have worked closely with Ticketek to make this system as secure as possible and we’re looking forward to rolling out this technology at other major events over summer.”

Geoff Jones, CEO of Ticketek’s parent company, TEG said: “Ticketek is proud to support the Victorian Government in helping Victoria reopen using our Australian-built, world-first technology, which will allow fans to return faster and safer to venues to watch their favourite artists and sporting events. We are thrilled to help Victorians enjoy the magic of live sport and entertainment again.

Cameron HoyManaging Director of Ticketek, said: “Innovation is at the heart of everything we do, and our team has consistently led the world in digital ticketing technology. We have transformed the ticket from just a means to gain access to venues into a rich communication platform to promote Covid-safe measures and enable other engagement opportunities for our partners. We are excited to be partnering with the Andrews Labor Government in their efforts to make the return of crowds as safe as possible.”

Ticketek’s digital ticketing check-in solution will be rolled out across Ticketek venues in other Australian states in the coming weeks.

Photo by Graydon Driver


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