This year’s Australian Event Awards Ceremony moving online


15 Sep 2021



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In the face of ongoing COVID-19 uncertainty the decision was made to embrace an online Awards Ceremony after extensive consultation with the Industry, a statement released today said.

Managing Director of the Australian Event Awards, Ian Steigrad said the decision to move the Ceremony online was not an easy one to make.

“Based on feedback from the industry and ongoing travel restrictions and uncertainty, we have decided to celebrate the achievements and resilience of the Industry in a timely way, even if regrettably, that has to be done online.”

The 2021 Awards will now be presented as a series of bite-sized broadcasts, with each segment uploaded to the Awards’ YouTube channel over the course of a 12-day period from October 20 – 31 inclusive.

The Australian Event Awards have declared that the entire month of October will now be an online celebration of the achievements and resilience of the industry, with an extensive social media campaign leading up to the 12-day Ceremony.

As part of the program, the Awards will showcase short highlights of every Award entrant and their accomplishments since 1 July 2020, posted on the Event Awards social media channels between 1-19 October.

The Event Awards Finalist and Winner announcements will then be uploaded to YouTube between 20-31 October. You can subscribe to the Event Awards YouTube channel to keep up to date with new announcements here.

On night one, Wednesday 20 October, three category winners will be announced; Best Live or Hybrid Corporate Event (6pm AEDT); Best Online Event Delivery Platform (7pm AEDT); Best Virtual Small Event (8pm AEDT).

For the remaining nights, 21 to 31 October, two category winners will be announced each evening. The full schedule of categories can be viewed on the Event Awards website.

Photo: Australian Event Awards


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