The State of Victoria’s Event Industry: Survey Results


3 Sep 2021



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Save Victorian Events have released the top line results from their second detailed survey of the Event Industry, and the results are as ominous as anticipated.

Speaking on behalf of Save Victorian Events, Simon Thewlis said the organisation are sharing the results in the hope to encourage event people and businesses to contact their local and federal members of parliament, to make sure they are aware of the figures, and to pressure governments to act.

“All of us in the event industry already know how difficult things are, so we don’t need a survey to remind us. Hence, we were apprehensive about even sharing the results – as we’ve all already had enough doom and gloom,” he said.

Save Victorian Events have put together a directory of local MPs for reference on their website.

Here are the Victorian results of the survey:

Mr Thewlis highlights that these are top line results and more detailed insights can be provided on request.

The recent survey also collected results for other states as well, which Save Victorian Events have advised will be shared with similar organisations to themselves who are working in support of the event industry in the other states.

“While our focus has been Victoria, we believe we are all facing very similar problems, and we all work right around the country,” Mr Thewlis writes.

“There has never been a time when events have been more needed: to bring communities together again, to help businesses successfully get through their biggest changes in their histories, to rebuild confidence in the economy.

“The bottom line is that our industry needs real, substantial financial support and needs it now. And we deserve vastly better support than we have received from the Federal and Victorian governments.”

Statistics: Save Victorian Events


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