The Australian Festival Industry Conference has been postponed until November


16 Jul 2021



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Adding another postponement to what seems to be a never-ending list due to COVID-19, the Australian Festival Industry Conference (AFIC) has now been rescheduled and will take place in November.

Originally due to run from Friday 3 to Sunday 5 September 2021, the AFIC will now hold their conference from Wednesday 10 to Friday 12 November 2021. Held at Sea World Resort on the Gold Coast, the AFIC will include a number of expert keynote speakers, panel discussions, networking events, workshops and a trade show.

The Australian Festival Industry Conference was established in 2019 as the only conference in Australia dedicated exclusively to helping the thousands of festival industry organisers that produce quality music, arts and culture, food and drink, “intellectual and ideas” and sporting festivals. AFIC 2021 will be the second time that the conference has run, as their 2020 event was cancelled due to COVID-19.

The AFIC aim to provide industry organisers and workers with the opportunity to discuss issues and learn about upcoming developments in the festival and events industry.

“Our country is unfortunately experiencing a number of significant COVID-19 outbreaks and it’s a major blow to our industry at a time when business confidence was just beginning to return to normal”, says AFIC founder and event director, Carlina Ericson.

“In the last few weeks, we’ve seen a number of postponements, such as Vivid Sydney and Mundi Mundi Bash, and further event cancellations such as the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix and Byron Writers Festival, for example. I fully appreciate that everyone is doing it tough during this very difficult time and I want to give everyone a fair opportunity to attend what’s shaping up to be the most important industry event of the year!

“With the vaccine rollout expected to kick into overdrive in the coming months, I hope that by November everyone will be feeling much more confident about their own events occurring in the near future as well as being comfortable with travelling for business” says Ms Ericson.

Tickets are on sale now, for more information and to view the full Australian Festival Industry Conference program, click here.

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