TEG Analytics, TEG Digital and TEG Insights merge under new umbrella Ovation


3 Aug 2021



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TEG have announced the merging of TEG Analytics, TEG Digital and TEG Insights under the new umbrella of Ovation, according to a statement released last Thursday. 

The newly formed platform is focused on live entertainment and sports industry solutions and aims to provide “a single destination for analytics, data science, research, personalisation and advanced digital marketing” for sporting organisations, promoters, venues and other related professionals. 

Ovation will utilise TEG’s extensive data sets across Australia and New Zealand which can examine the information of over 16 million members and will provide thousands of consumer research surveys per year, with over a million survey contributors. Ovation is also poised to expand overseas in the near future, following in the footsteps of TEG in Asia, Europe and the UK. 

Speaking with MI-3, General Manager of Ovation Andrew Reid has outlined the goal of the group to be to “understand the fan, and what ultimately motivates that fan to participate in a certain sport – and then tie that back to transaction data,” and that it has the possibility of developing a full snapshot of a fan or visitor’s purchase behaviour to show that “sponsorship did have an impact”.

Stressing the importance of this type of information to promoters and events companies, Reid points out that developing a “universal ID” for an individual through Ovation’s data sets offers the opportunity to map out their spending habits across an extended period of time, or potentially an entire sports season, thereby “demonstrating that a fan is actually worth considerably more…because we simply know a lot more about them”.

Ovation is aiming to be the leader in developing universal IDs, with others such as Unified ID 2.0 and LiveRamp offering similar services. However, it is likely that Ovation’s access to TEG’s existing clients and partnerships such as the NBL, Cricket Australia, Flybuys and MasterCard should give them the advantage in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

“TEG has always been a leader when it comes to data, analytics and marketing for the live industry and Ovation will take that to the next level”, says Geoff Jones, CEO of TEG.

“The formation of Ovation underlines the strength of TEG’s integrated model and our position as a global leader in Live Entertainment, Ticketing and Technology.”

Ovation is the culmination of investment in a new multi-millon-dollar data warehouse, a powerful new marketing platform, and TEG’s ‘best talent’ in analytics, digital and insights.

With the intent to take the complexity out of managing live events, Managing Director of Ticketing for TEG, Cameron Hoy says, “Whether clients are looking to enhance ticket sales, drive customer acquisition, profile and segment fans, automate customer journeys or conduct detailed modelling and analysis, Ovation will deliver the most effective solution.”

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