Sydney Showground General Manager Peter Thorpe Announces Retirement


13 Jul 2021



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Peter Thorpe, the General Manager of the Sydney Showground and long-time servant to the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW has officially announced he is stepping down from his role, bringing to a close a storied career in events that has spanned over forty years. 

July 9th saw Thorpe’s last day in the role, a position he has held since 2011. 

“To be a part of the Australian events industry and the RAS family has been a great honour,” Mr Thorpe said, “and although it is a bittersweet farewell, I look forward to the chapter ahead.”

Kicking off his career as an apprentice locksmith for the RAS, Thorpe advanced to become the official caretaker of the Moore Park grounds, before starting an astronomical trajectory that brought him to the role of Business Development Manager for the newly minted Sydney Showground. 

Overseeing the RAS relocation to the venue and the 2000 Sydney Olympics, he then took over the General Manager position at the Sydney Turf Club, before re-joining the RAS as General Manager of the Sydney Showground, where he transformed the location into an internationally renowned events venue.

In a press release, RAS Chief Executive Brock Gilmour chose to focus on Thorpe’s commitment to the people who make events happen.

“Through his open, honest, and understanding approach, Peter has managed to put relationships first, creating an organisation that focuses on collaboration and innovation, going above and beyond to bring his client’s dreams to life. It is this vision and legacy that Sydney Showground will take forward, continuing to deliver the big experience and customer service it has become known for.

“We wish Peter all the best in retirement; he will be greatly missed here at the RAS and within the event industry.”

Peter Thorpe’s replacement as General Manager has yet to be announced. 

Photo: RAS Supplied


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