New Appointment: Sydney Showground announces new General Manager


13 Aug 2021



Written By Staff Writer



Event venue Sydney Showground has announced Darryl Jeffrey as its new General Manager.

The new appointment is an internal promotion for Jeffrey, who has already been with the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS) and Sydney Showground since 2012, acting as the venue’s Chief Operating Officer.

Jeffrey brings over thirteen years’ of experience in the event industry to his new role as GM, as well as nineteen years in the Australian Army.

“Darryl’s extensive knowledge and experience in events and leadership make him the perfect choice to guide Sydney Showground into this next chapter,” says RAS Chief Executive Brock Gilmour.

“Over the years, Darryl has demonstrated his ability to manage the logistics of the venue and has led his team with great integrity. We’ve watched him steer this year’s Sydney Royal Easter Show, AFL season and countless events through the logistical challenges of COVID-10, going above and beyond to deliver results for the organisations and our clients.”

The news comes after Peter Thorpe, who held the General Manager position since 2011, announced his retirement in July.

Newly appointed Darryl Jeffrey says it’s a privilege to lead Sydney Showground into a new era.

“With a great team by my side, we will continue to navigate the challenges in front of us and be back to delivering the innovative events and customer service the venue has become know for as soon as it is safe to do so.”


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