Sounds Australia’s new Export Stimulus Program for Artists and Crew


5 Aug 2021



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On 4 August, Sounds Australia announced a new $1.2 million initiative to strengthen Australia’s music export activity and support Australian artists, crews and music professionals.

Sounds Australia, which aims to provide networking and performance opportunities for Australian artists and music businesses at international events, has created the Sounds Australia Export Stimulus Program to provide career progression and international event opportunities after 18 months of cancelled work across Australia.

With the help of lead funding partners including APRA, AMCOS, ARIA, PPCA, the Australia Council for the Arts and the Minister for the Arts (The Honourable Paul Fletcher}, Sounds Australia have gathered a combined total of $1.2 million to be distributed over the next 18 months through the SAES Program. The grants intend to support international activity and encourage international revenue streams within the music industry.

Executive Producer of Sounds Australia, Millie Millgate recognised the importance of a recovery program early in the pandemic and thanked all those who contributed to this initiative.

“Whilst we embraced and continue to present virtual showcasing and online networking opportunities, real tangible and practical export support is essential,” Millgate said. “We thank the Australian Government and our industry partners for the innate understanding and action they have taken with respect to both the belief in, and creation of, this export stimulus program.”

SAES Program funding is available to all Australian citizens and permanent residents that are within the professional music industry for financial assistance across six areas:

  • Visas (Application and associated fees)
  • International flights, freight and carnets
  • Pre-tour rehearsals
  • The overseas travel of Artist Managers
  • Hotel quarantine fees
  • Insurance and other increased premiums due to COVID

 APRA and AMCOS CEO Dean Ormston believes this program will be integral to the recovery of Australia’s music industry and the country’s post-pandemic strategy.

“Year upon year Australian artists are making a name for themselves across the four corners of the globe,” Ormston said. “This investment will be key to Australia’s goal to become one of the few net exporters of music, delivering a significant economic and cultural dividend for the nation.”

Applications for grants through the Sounds Australia Export Stimulus Program will open on 9 August 2021 and close on 3 September 2021. To apply for funding, visit the Sounds Australia website.

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