Qantas and Jetstar Update Flight Schedules Between VIC & NSW


29 Sep 2021



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Due to the current plans to reopen the borders in Victoria and New South Wales, Qantas Group has announced a new flying schedule.

The current vaccination rate has brought forward welcome changes to the domestic flights of Qantas and Jetstar, including:

  • The reopening date for travel between New South Wales and Victoria has been moved forward one month to 5 November.
  • Regional flights within New South Wales will be increased to 40 per cent of pre-COVID levels from 25 October.

However, the current predictions and border assumptions have delayed the restart of domestic travel between Western Australia and Victoria and New South Wales until early next year. Flights between these states are expected to return on 1 February 2022.

With ongoing discussions between all states and territories, Qantas Group CEO, Alan Joyce is thrilled to increase domestic flights between Victoria and New South Wales.

“It’s great to see plans firming up for some domestic borders opening given the success of the national vaccine rollout,” Joyce said. “We’re now planning to ramp up flying between Melbourne and Sydney, which is usually the second busiest air route in the world, almost a month earlier than expected.”

“There are also a lot of regional destinations that will open up for the first time since June, which is great news for tourism as well as family and friends who can’t wait to see each other again,” Joyce said.

International travel is on track to gradually restart from 18 December when Australia reaches the   vaccination threshold of 80 per cent. Although international flights remain subject to government approval, Alan Joyce says it’s important that clear quarantine arrangements are established for those returning from international travels and tours.

“The key factor in determining the ongoing demand level for international flying will be what the quarantine arrangements are for Australians when they return,” Joyce said.

“The seven-day home quarantine trial in New South Wales is a great step forward and we’re hoping the system evolves quickly for vaccinated travellers from low-risk countries to not have to quarantine on arrival, particularly given Australia itself is on track to have one of the highest vaccination rates in the world.”

There are no current changes to Qantas or Jetstar flights between the other states and territories, with flights between Western Australia and Queensland expected to increase once border restrictions have eased.

To find out more about domestic travel allowances and restrictions by state, visit the Australian government website

Photo: Josh Withers / Unsplash


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