Organisers announce Festival X will not go ahead in 2021


10 Sep 2021



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In a statement today, organisers have announced Festival X will be rescheduled to 2022.

Festival X, a relatively new summer festival born to replace the popular electronic festival Stereosonic, is a collaboration between promoters Hardware and Onelove joining forces with Live Nation.

The festival was originally due to premiere back in 2018, but had to cancel less than 2 months out, citing ‘unforeseen last-minute changes in artist availability’.

Undeterred by the late cancellation of the inaugural event, organisers returned in 2019 and delivered the first edition of the Festival X which, by all accounts, was a great success for the Australian EDM community.

Then came the global pandemic. Today’s announcement leaves the festival at just 1 for 4, in shows vs. years.

A representative for the festival wrote today, “We would love nothing more than to bring you the Festival X we all love, but with the vaccine roll out progressing more slowly than we’d like, and due to ongoing uncertainties and challenges that Covid presents, it’s going to be impossible this year.

“By next year, the majority of the population will be vaccinated, international talent will be able to enter the country freely, and we will be able to put on a Festival X like you’ve never seen before.

“Our thoughts are with all of those affected by the recent outbreak and everyone doing it tough in lockdown.”

Festival X and its organisers are also supporters and campaign partners for the entertainment industry’s recent #VaxTheNation campaign, which was launched earlier this week.

In a postscript to end today’s statement the festival added, “PS: Vaccinations are not only important for overall public health but an essential step in stopping the ongoing and devastating effect on our communities.

“Every jab makes a difference, and everyone can play their part – Vax Now to stop the interruptions and do your bit to #vaxthenation so we can get back to doing what we love –”

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