New Report Shows Aussies Crave the Return of International Artists and Live Events


29 Jul 2021



Written By Staff Writer



A study commissioned by the Live Entertainment Industry Forum (LEIF) has revealed that Australians are eager for the return of international acts to live events.

The study of 35,000 consumers conducted by EY, showed that more than 80 per cent consider international artists to be ‘significant’ or ‘very significant’ to their attendance of live events.

The survey also concluded that 80 per cent of those surveyed were keen to see live events return with greater crowd numbers by November 2021.

Geoff Jones, CEO of TEG and Co-Chair of LEIF, argues that the findings of this study should show the economic benefits of allowing international artists to easily enter and travel Australia.

“We know that shows by international artists generate 80 per cent of concert ticket sales by value,” Jones said. “They also generate the greatest economic benefit for our country through tourism, travel, hospitality, and other industries, and to our own industry which has been ravaged by the pandemic.”

Roger Field, President Asia Pacific of Live Nation and Co-Chair of LEIF, appeals to the Australian Government to introduce travel considerations for international artists to ensure their participation in future live events.

“Other international markets are beginning to reopen and offer alternative touring options for artists so it is absolutely critical that we reach rapid alignment with the Federal and State and Territory Governments at National Cabinet level to ensure Australia does not miss out on this vital opportunity for the live entertainment industry to recover from the worst year in its long and storied history,” Field said.

The survey’s findings confirm the ongoing importance of live events to Australians. Julia Robinson, General Manager of the Australian Festivals Association, suggests that more events could also help repair disconnected communities after the social separation and loneliness of the pandemic.

“EY’s study shows how vital live experiences are to social cohesion and wellbeing,” Robinson said.  “Events bring us together. They can inspire and move us. Live entertainment is the antidote to last year’s disconnection, and we know audiences around Australia continue to miss their festivals, concerts and events.”

Photo: Sebastian Ervi


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