New AI Photography Technology A Boost For Events


13 Jul 2021



Written By Staff Writer



It may seem obvious, but it bears repeating: the best way to stay ahead in an ever changing and competitive events landscape is to keep up with new technological advances. Offering clients the best available setups for their events is crucial to delivering events that are engaging and lively.

Providing clients with the best available technology at their events will also go a long way to ensuring repeat business, as staying ahead of the pack in a crowded marketplace can be as simple as being the most up to date option. Photography in particular can be a frustrating and stressful area for many, as can the lack of access provided by photographers to patrons post-event. 

A great example of a path to providing the best for patrons is the RealTime delivery system, a facial recognition AI-based photography technology which has been recently refined and developed further by Elementice. It was seen in action last month at the RMC Duntroon graduation ball, where newly minted Junior Officers were celebrating the end of their time as trainees. 

The technology is seemingly quite simple, but it offers up a brand-new way of engaging with guests across a variety of different types of events. 

Looking at the RMC ball as an example, the team at EventPix provided the graduates with a link in the time before the event, which offered an option to pre-register with their name, email, mobile and a selfie. Then, over the course of the night, any photo that was taken was made instantly available to the subjects of the image.  

Those who had not pre-registered were offered the option to scan a QR code and register at the venue so they could still access the same photos as well.

It’s an intuitive piece of technology, which can even recognise numberplates on marathon runners and mountain bike racers. It provides a level of ease to patrons that was previously unavailable and has the potential to change the game.

Photo: EventPix


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