Major Events Returning to Victoria from 24 November!


25 Oct 2021



Written By Staff Writer



In a statement released yesterday, the Victorian Government has outlined what life will be like as the state hits 80% and 90% double dose targets.

Thanking the hard work of millions of Victorians who have come out in force to accelerate the state’s vaccination rates, the government predict that Victoria will reach its 80% double dose vaccination on Friday 29 October, almost a week ahead of schedule.

The government are further predicting that the 90% double dose target will be hit as early as 24 November, at which point the state is planning a major easing of restrictions.

From the end of October, events – such as music festivals – will be able to host up to 5,000 attendees, subject to any restrictions related to the venue. The Chief Health Officer may also grant an approval for larger crowds for significant events and venues under the Public Events Framework.

By the end of November, Victoria plans to remove all caps and density quotas for all settings, including major events for the double vaccinated, and masks will only be mandatory indoors in some high-risk settings such as hospitals and on public transport.

There will be no restrictions for indoor and outdoor events provided they follow COVIDSafe rules including vaccination requirements.

“We made a deal with the Victorian community – we asked them to get vaccinated and promised that when they did, we would open up and begin to live alongside the virus. Today we are delivering on that promise,” said VIC Premier Daniel Andrews.

“Victorians have met this challenge beyond any of our expectations and these vaccination rates are an incredible achievement. We’re on our way to being one of the most vaccinated – and therefore one of the safest – places in the entire world.”

Photo: Maxime on Unsplash


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