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17 Aug 2021



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Tokyo Olympics Done & Dusted

And just like that, after an unprecedented postponement from the summer of 2020 due to the ongoing pandemic, the Tokyo Olympics has officially come to an end with the closing ceremony taking place on August 8 at the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo.

Similar to the opening ceremony, the Games closed with a scaled down ceremony in front of a largely empty stadium. A light show was the main event, coming together to form the Olympic rings in mid-air, before fireworks surrounding the stadium roof brought the ceremony home in a dazzling grand finale.

Designed by Moment Factory, a multimedia entertainment studio based in Montreal, Canada, the magical Olympic ring illusion was created by special effects for the TV audiences only. The company has recently made their Australian debut too, creating the Light Cycles installation at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens for the first annual Illuminate Adelaide festival.

This years Games has been one for the ages, with unprecedented logistical challenges amid the ongoing pandemic, eerily empty stadiums, and digital-heavy ceremonies. And with growing COVID-19 case numbers in Japan, organisers have announced that the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Paralympics will now continue with no live spectators either.

The next summer Olympics is due to take place in 2024, hosted in Paris.

AEG Presents & Live Nation require Proof of Vaccination for U.S. Concertgoers & Event Staff

Off the back of a surge in Covid-19 cases State-side thanks to the super-spreading Delta variant, AEG presents announced last week that they will be requiring proof of vaccination for entry into its owned and operated clubs, theatres, and festivals.

Jay Marciano, COO of AEG and Chairman and CEO of AEG Presents, says he was optimistic about where the country and business was heading just a few weeks ago.

“The Delta variant, combined with vaccine hesitancy, is pushing us in the wrong direction again”, he says.

“We have come to the conclusion that, as a market leader, it was up to us to take a real stand on vaccination status… We realize that some people might look at this as a dramatic step, but it’s the right one. We also are aware that there might be some initial pushback, but I’m confident and hopeful that, at the end of the day, we will be on the right side of history and doing what’s best for artists, fans, and live event workers.”

AEG Presents have not put a timeframe on this temporary policy, stating it will be “open-ended”, allowing for changes and reversals based on the latest Covid-19 data and regulations at any time.

After previously announcing that it would be up to the artists whether to enforce a vaccination mandate or not, Live Nation have now also announced that attendees must show proof of vaccination or a negative test at their venues and upcoming festivals.

Live Nation employees have been given until October 4 to get vaccinated in order to visit any of the company’s offices, events or venues, and they have developed best practices for artists to request these policies at third party venues too.

“Vaccines are going to be your ticket back to shows” said Live Nation president and CEO Michael Rapino.

Ireland’s top Rock promoter joins TEG MJR Éire

With 22 years of experience in the music industry, TEG MJR Éire and MPO Artists have released a statement this week expressing their “delight” to welcome promoter John Foley to the Dublin office team as a promoter and booking agent.

Foley’s role will be to promote domestic and international tours through TEG MJR Éire, with the aim to develop “a fresh roster” of international artists for MPI Artists.

With an impressive resume booking acts for The Voodoo Lounge from 2004-2008, and promoting numerous sold-out shows for rock bands like Slayer, Anthrax, The Cult and Megadeth to name a few, Foley says he’s looking forward to his new venture with TEG MJR Éire which he calls “one of the world’s most innovative and rapidly expanding global entertainment companies”.

Julian O’Brien, Director TEG MJR Éire and Martin Nolan, Director of TEG MJR Éire and MPI Artists both expressed their excitement and delight to welcome John onboard.

“He’s joining our team as one of the best known, most respected promoters in the country, and at a very exciting time for TEG MJR Éire as we expand our business,” O’Brien said.

Olympics Photo: Screenshot / All Other Photos: Unsplash


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