KARI x Clean Vibes Partnership to Create Opportunities for Aboriginal Community


13 Oct 2021



Written By Staff Writer



KARI Foundation have created a new partnership with Clean Vibes, the sustainable event cleaning and waste management service.

KARI has supported the Aboriginal community since 1999, delivering quality programming and services. Clean Vibes boasts a range of large-scale contracts to a number of music festivals, major sporting and community events throughout Australia.

At the heart of the partnership will be sustainability, focusing on recycling solutions and better protections for the KARI lands and waterways. The foundation will also be creating opportunities for fundraising and reinvestment into growing the community programs that the KARI foundation delivers.

The partnership will result in a number of opportunities for employment across Clean Vibes’ contracted events.

Clean Vibes will also be partnering with the KARI Foundation to help both their internal Return and Earn recycling collection, and by nominating the organisation as the charity of choice at their new recycling warehouse depot located in Mascot (Unit 1/26 Kent Road), with funds raised supporting KARI Foundation’s growing suite of programs.

KARI Foundation has put out a call to action to any individual or organisation who may want to do their part from their office or home. Should you wish to join and turn your recyclables into funds donated to KARI, you can contact the Corporate Partnerships Team at  [email protected].

Photo: KARI Foundation


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