ICC Sydney will be recommencing in person events come mid-October


15 Sep 2021



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Some good news today with the International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney) preparing to welcome back in person events at the venue from mid-October. This comes after the announcement of the New South Wales Government’s roadmap to reopen, after the fully vaccinated rate of 70% is achieved by the state’s population.

ICC Sydney have updated its EventSafe Operating Guide with conditions including:

  • Capacity must not exceed one person per four square metres of space in indoor areas of the premises and one person per two square metres of space in outdoor areas of the premises – this applies to conferences and exhibitions.
  • Capacity at an entertainment facility must not exceed one person per four square metres in the premises, or 75% of fixed seating capacity of the facility, which would be applied to Aware Super Theatre, Darling Harbour Theatre and Pyrmont Theatre for entertainment events.
  • Face masks to be worn by staff and customers in indoor areas.
  • Singing and dancing by audiences is not allowed in indoor areas.
  • Patrons can only consume alcohol when seated in indoor areas.

“We have over 90 events in the diary from October through to Christmas and we’re contacting our customers to ensure they are able to proceed with a fully vaccinated workforce, event attendees, suppliers and contractors – everyone that will need to enter the venue,” ICC Sydney CEO, Geoff Donaghy said.

“Our people are also keen to get back to doing what they do best, running extraordinary in person events, and have been sending in their vaccination certificates for some months before last week’s announcement.”

After taking on board the details of the roadmap and the latest Health Order, ICC Sydney are confident that they will be ready before the reopening date is confirmed.

“We have been advised that the vaccination certificate checking process is currently being tested and will be ready for our reopening to in person events and that vaccination attendance will be outlined in a forthcoming Health Order.

“We will continue our advocacy with decision makers and industry representatives to further relax these conditions over time, such as moving to a one person per two square metre protocol due to the highly controlled nature of business events,” Mr Donaghy said.

To find out more about the event conditions at ICC Sydney, click here.

Photo: ICC Sydney


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