Humm Acquired by Cedar Mill Group, Rebranded as Humm Events


22 Jul 2021



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One of Australia’s major logistical and event management companies, Humm, has been acquired by Cedar Mill Group and rebranded as Humm Events, a press release announced today. 

Cedar Mill Group, a newly founded company under the Winarch Capital umbrella, have outlined significant growth plans, and have identified Humm Events as a major part of these moves, with Cedar Mill’s Kyle McKendry labelling the acquisition as “very important” and “fit(ting) perfectly with our future growth plans.”

This announcement comes after Cedar Mill Group laid out plans to engineer a significant boost to live events and music in Lake Macquarie and Hunter Valley regions, with two new purpose-built 20,000+ capacity venues to be constructed in the near future. With an event management and production planning company now in Cedar’s portfolio, it should go a long way to seeing them established as major events players in a post-COVID world. 

Humm are well recognized in the industry, helping to deliver many large-scale events in Australia since 2001 with notable projects including the Good Things Festival, Beyond The Valley, NRL Nation and last year’s benefit concert Fire Fight Australia. Their prominent clients have included the NSW Government, Live Nation, TEG and Regional Touring, and they have helped stage events in many of Australia’s largest venues. 

Their services cover all stages of the event process, from creative concept development and crowd, COVID-19 and risk planning, to feasibility planning and strategic consulting for event owners. 

Off the back of this success, Winarch Capital CEO Paul Lambess characterised the addition as “adding skill and credibility in event management” for their group, “doubling down” on their aggressive expansion strategy. 

Humm founders Iain Morrison and Tara Whitfield are to remain on as Event Directors, with Cedar Mill’s Kyle McKendry taking on the role of General Manager.

Photo: Cedar Mill Group Press Release


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