Greater Sydney Lockdown Extended and New Restrictions Added


20 Aug 2021



Written By Staff Writer



In today’s NSW press conference, Gladys Berejiklian has announced the current lockdown in Greater Sydney will be extended to at least the end of September.

The Central Coast and Shellharbour will no longer be considered as part of Greater Sydney in terms of COVID control measures from today, with these regions now to follow health restrictions for “regional NSW” instead. Under this change, Central Coast and Shellharbour residents are still set to end lockdown on August 28 at present.

Across the whole of NSW, mask-wearing will now be mandatory everywhere outside of your hope except when exercising.

From Monday 23 August, a curfew will also be introduced in the key LGAs of concern, meaning residents will not be permitted to leave their homes unless for an authorized reason between the hours of 9pm and 5am.

In retail, garden centres and plant nurseries, landscaping material, hardware and building supply stores, pet and office supply stores have all been ordered to close, though they can still offer click & collect.

All education, learning and exams must move online except for HSC exams, and outdoor exercise is limited to one hour per day.

Mandatory vaccinations and/or rapid antigen testing will now apply to several essential and authorized workers from the hotspot LGAs.

More information can be found on the NSW Health website.

Photo: Glen Carrie


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