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30 Jul 2021



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Welcome to Gig Nation Australia. We’re officially live on the world wide web and damn are we happy to be here!!

But who the hell are we and why the hell should you care??

Gig Nation is a new web and social industry publication for event organisers, venues, suppliers and event workers, covering major sports events, arts and cultural events, culinary and general interest festivals, music festivals and concerts. We’re focusing in on medium to large-scale public events, outdoors or in major multi-arts venues and stadiums, and highlighting all the businesses and workers that make those kinds of events possible.

Bringing you the latest industry news and special editorial features from across Australia – delivered to you 100% digitally through our website, newsletter and social channels.

The world changed as we knew it last year with the rise of the global pandemic, and the events industry took a major kick in the guts! With such a large majority of our industry working freelance or as a casual, it was difficult for us to stand side-by-side with the likes of the aviation industry and demand additional support for all of us together.

Those who worked tirelessly the past year to get some sectors of our industry heard deserve all our thanks and respect for their efforts!

Thankfully, there does seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel, and we look forward to our industry bouncing back stronger than ever – hopefully this summer.

With all that extra time on her hands this past year our founder, Victoria Garside, decided to combine her love of creative media with her 16+ year career in events, and do something to help and honour our incredible industry.


We’re a team of event maestros and superfans based around the country, keen to provide on-demand access to the stuff you really need to know as a public event professional… and to share with others the stuff you already know!

We want to push for more collaboration in our industry so we can all get back to business, as soon as possible, together.

We want to share if you and your business have new tech and innovations that others need to be hiring from you, we want to introduce organisers to new suppliers and vice versa, and we want to help you figure out what’s going on at a state and federal level to support you and manage our collective industry.

And we’re not stopping there! We’re already working on phase two of our website which will feature a whole bunch of extra goodies, full of useful resources and opportunities for eventies of all occupations. Gig Nation 2.0 will be coming at you later this year – stand by for further updates!

Ultimately, Gig Nation is for you if you work or want to work in the Australian public events industry and want to get the latest event management news and resources from across the country, instantly.

Bookmark our homepage or state-specific news pages, follow us on our socials, and subscribe to our weekly newsletter to get plugged in and make the most of our services.

Feel free to email us anytime at [email protected] – send us your hot tips, give us some feedback on what resources you would like to see us provide, or simply just message to say hello!

We’re so glad you’re here and we’re looking forward to collaborating with you!

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