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25 Aug 2021



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The team at Save Victorian Events are calling upon the wider Australian event community to participate in a National Event Industry Survey: The Financial Impact On You, Your Business and Your Events.

The survey, designed to help measure the individual impacts of lockdown and border closures for workers, freelancers and businesses across the event industry, will assist SVE and other organisations as they continue to lobby government for further industry aid.

Encouraging everyone involved in the Event Industry to participate, SVE also hopes to capture event people who have pivoted to another industry due to the pandemic.

The survey only takes a couple of minutes. All event people and businesses are encouraged to take part.

How else can you help?

Save Victorian Events are also encouraging event workers to call their local member of parliament, to let them know what the real situation is in the Event Industry.

“It is a small thing but one that we know really does make a difference. Most local MPs still don’t understand our industry, nor do they fully comprehend what people and businesses in the Event Industry are going through, so they need to hear from the event people in their electorate.” says Simon Thewlis on behalf of the Save Victorian Events team.

“Please call your local members of parliament today. If you can’t get through to your MP, ask to make a time to speak with them. And then tell them about your situation, about what your colleagues are going through, and what is needed. 

“We need real financial support so that people and businesses can survive and Covid cancel event insurance to help events to happen again.”

Use the link on the image below to quickly find the names and numbers for your local state and federal members of parliament.


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