Further funding announced for the 2021 Perth Royal Show and other events in WA


25 Jun 2021



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If you hail from the west coast, then we have some welcome news for you. The state government recently announced a major funding package for the 2021 Perth Royal Show along with support for other tourism events and regional agricultural shows.

The funding will provide a $4 million dollar much needed boost for the Royal Agricultural Society of Western Australia (RASWA) so they can hold their much-loved Perth Royal Show after it was cancelled in 2020, due to COVID-19.

The package will allow the show to be staged from September 25 to October 2, with ticket prices also being slashed by 25 percent to encourage more attendees.

The Perth Royal Show is one of Western Australia’s most important events, running since 1834, it has been a cherished highlight for many in the wider community. Always chock-full of things to see and do, the show boasts over 400 entertainers, 300 performances and nearly 100 hours of entertainment every day.

Other public ticketed events including tourism events and agricultural shows will also be added to the State Government’s Getting the Show Back on the Road program. The program was originally created in order to support continuation of live performance and touring activity due to the negative impact of COVID-19 restrictions.

According to the State Government, The Getting the Show Back on the Road program enables event organisers to apply for up to 75 per cent of lost ticketing revenue, up to a maximum of $150,000, when events are unable to take place due to COVID-19 restrictions.

“Events drive visitation, add vibrancy to local communities and attract media attention, which helps to promote and position our State as an exciting destination to live and visit,” Tourism Minister David Templeman said.

“Getting the Show Back on the Road will provide more certainty to more kinds of events in what are still considered uncertain times.

“It’s so important that these shows, and events remain on the calendar, to stimulate our economy in regional and metropolitan areas across WA, and support local tourism.”

If you want to apply for funding to get your event back on the road, applications for the expanded program open in July 2021 and will close March 31, 2022. For more information about the program and how to apply, click here.

Photo: Heni Noviyanti


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