Floriade and Nightfest Cancelled due to ongoing COVID-19 Outbreaks


23 Aug 2021



Written By Staff Writer



Australia’s biggest celebration of Spring, Floriade announced over the weekend that the festival and Nightfest will not be proceeding this year.

Another blow to the Australian events calendar, Floriade, which was due to take place between 11 September to 10 October 2021 at Commonwealth Park in the ACT, has cited the ongoing COVID-19 outbreaks in both the ACT and surrounding NSW as the reason for the cancellation.

As Canberrans move in and out of snap lockdowns, Floriade will be redirecting over 400 planter boxes and pots that were meant for the festival to brighten up communities throughout the city and suburbs instead.

This will be in addition to 300,000 bulbs that have already been planted by schools, community groups and organisations throughout Floriade’s community network. The city planter boxes and pots will contain over 60,000 blooms, with Floriade hoping they will brighten the city with bursts of spring colour during these testing times.

Whilst there will still be bulbs in Commonwealth Park which will bloom through spring, the Government is currently discouraging large scale gatherings. As such, Floriade will provide ongoing updates and will advise the community should the opportunity arise to safely visit the park later this spring.

Photo: Ad Muller


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