Father Killed by a Toppled Scaffold Camera Platform in Brisbane


26 Jul 2021



Written By Staff Writer



A Brisbane father of four has been killed after a temporary scaffold structure tipped over and crushed him, Nine News reports.

Andy Jones, 37, was watching his young son play soccer at the Mitchelton Football Club in Brisbane’s north on Sunday when the incident occurred just after midday.

Paramedics were called straight to the scene where the Bridgeman Downs man was treated for head and chest injuries.

He was rushed to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital but died shortly afterwards.

The scaffolding was a temporary platform used by camera operators to film the under-15s game.

From the images appearing online, the camera platform – which appears to be around 2.4m x 1.2m at 3m high – did not appear to have any outriggers, counterweight or tie downs. (Unconfirmed)

The incident occurred on a day where strong westerly wind gusts exceeding 70km/h were recorded by the Bureau of Meteorology.

Football Queensland confirmed Mr Jones was believed to be watching his son play before he was killed.

The organisation also confirmed that counselling will be provided for the man’s family, players, staff and any other witnesses.

“Our deepest condolences go out to the family, members of the club and football community who were present and who, like all of us, will be devastated by this news,” a Football Queensland statement said.

Mitchelton Football Club will remain closed for the week.

The incident is being investigated by the Queensland Police Forensic Crash Unit, who are due to prepare a report for the coroner.

Photo: Nine News


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