Dubai Expo 2020 has revealed its Programme for People and Planet


12 Aug 2021



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Rallying the global community to become agents of change, Dubai Expo has released an extraordinary programme of events to fill 10 Theme Weeks and 18 International Days, exploring issues of global significance.

Running across the entire six months of Expo 2020, the Programme for People and Planet will produce more than 220 events, allowing participants to investigate solutions to critical global challenges including climate change, making human habitats more sustainable, and more.

With 191 participating nations, the events will be delivered as a mixture of large forums, public conventions, seminars, and workshops, bolstered by themes of youth and women empowerment, technology and innovation.

Expo 2020 aims to “unlock bold aspirations to shape a healthier, cleaner and more equitable future for all”, stating that whether participants are physically in attendance or plugged in through virtual and digital channels, everyone “can – and must – become an agent of change”.

Nadia Verjee, Chief of Staff for Dubai Expo 2020 says the program will generate a one-of-a-kind movement that will create a meaningful and measurable impact for generations to come.

“Sitting at the heart of our World Expo, and taking place at a moment in time that could not be more urgent or opportune, the Programme for People and Planet is the manifestation of our theme and purpose, ‘Connecting Minds, Creating The Future’,” she says.

Photo: Australia Pavillion, Dubai Expo 2020

Focal segments include cultural knowledge exchange, social-development, climate change, and global economic partnerships and growth. Expo states that the Live in Balance track will focus on how the global community can work together to restore balance with the planet, adding that climate change is the most serious threat facing our planet and the actions we take now will impact the environment we leave for future generations.

Promising 60 live events per day, over 50 different global cuisines from 200 different food and beverage outlets, and an inspiring arts and culture programme for the whole family, it’s safe to say Dubai Expo 2020 is going to be huge!

Whilst most of us here in Australia will very likely not have the opportunity to attend this mega event thanks to the ongoing border closures, we will still be able to plug-in to a lot of it remotely. And we all should!

We can all be agents of change. View the entire Events Calendar here.

Photos: Dubai Expo 2020


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