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25 Oct 2021



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From boosting your performance at work to improving job satisfaction, training courses give us all the opportunity to upskill ourselves and our careers.

With the innovation and changes occurring in the events industry occurring as a result of covid, this is more important than ever before.

We’ve compiled a list of some new and improved training courses that people in the events industry, from venue managers to wannabe festival organisers, could benefit from.

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Stage management courses

If you’re interested in enrolling in a course that mixes creative, technical, and managerial expertise into one essential role, or developing your understanding of it, a stage management course might be right up your alley.

In Australia, there are many institutions offering stage management courses – here are the ones that stood out to us.

Start with a beginner course at NIDA

NIDA’s stage management essentials beginner course introduces you to all the various tasks a stage manager carries out. It explores standard procedures and documentation whilst allowing participants to participate in practical experiences, including scheduling and calling shows, and marking up stages.

You’ll leave with a thorough understanding of what the stage manager role entails, and practical experience in basic stage management tasks.

Jump straight to a Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services

If you’re ready to dive into stage management, a Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services may be a better choice. Offered by Melbourne Polytechnic, TAFE NSW, and RMIT, amongst others, the diploma will take you through everything you need to know about production, stage and event management, theatre lighting and sound, and prop making.

After 11 months of full-time study, you will be equipped to start your career in stage and event management.

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Entertainment management

Dreaming of working in the business and management side of events and entertainment? Whether that encapsulates working as an artist manager, festival organiser or venue manager, you’ll likely find what you’re looking for in an entertainment management course.

Bachelor of Entertainment Management

The Bachelor of Entertainment Management is an excellent course that aims to equip students with all the management essentials they’ll need, from marketing through to entertainment law. It’s a constantly evolving course offered only by select institutions, including the critically acclaimed Australian Institute of Music.

Give it a taste test

Unsure if entertainment management is for you? Why not give it a taste test with ContinuousMusic’s Artist Management course, a short, self-paced course that’ll take you through artist management from several perspectives, including why an act would hire an artist manager, and the various responsibilities an artist manager would have.

Event management

Whether you’re looking to develop a career in the event management field or working in an events role and looking to build your event management knowledge, there are lots of exciting courses you could study.

Event Training Australia

Event Training Australia has launched an exciting new range of short event management courses. One that especially stands out is their course in event management for practising festival managers. Check it out here!

Festival and event management unit

This new postgraduate course run by the University of South Australia examines the role of festivals and events in contemporary society, diving into trends, event experiences, event design and the impacts of management upon events.

It’s offered in several relevant degrees, including a Graduate Diploma in Management (Arts and Cultural Management) and a Master of Management (Tourism and Event Management). However, you can also take it as a stand-alone course, so you won’t have to enrol in a degree or diploma to study the course.

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Workplace health and safety

Do you know what makes a workplace safe? If you’re feeling dusty on the topic, it may be time to take a short workplace health and safety (WHS) course.

Fast track mode

A Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety will develop your knowledge of workplace safety, covering effective risk management, relevant legislative frameworks, and what to do in the event of an emergency.

After six months of part-time study, you will walk away as a qualified WHS professional. Best of all, depending on your state or territory, if you’re a TAFE eligible student, you may be able to take the course for free.

Continue to a Diploma of WHS

A Diploma of Work Health and Safety will develop your understanding of effective risk management, lead response and incident investigation. It will also teach you about sustainability and workplace policy, and how you can develop the procedures yourself.

Whilst it builds upon the knowledge gained in a Certificate IV, the pathway is optional – you can study the Diploma regardless of whether you have undertaken a Certificate.

Following the Diploma, you can choose to continue your WHS journey and study an Advanced Diploma in WHS.

Crowd management

From small music festivals to large outdoor concerts, crowd management is a skill that will always be handy in the events scene.

Introduction to Crowd Science

Introduction to Crowd Science, an exciting new short course offered by the College of Event Management, is a self-paced online course that teaches you all about the application of crowd science to events. You’ll learn about crowd dynamics, crowd risk analysis, crowd safety and crowd event modelling.

When you complete the course, you’ll receive an Internationally Accredited Certificate of Achievement: a great addition to your CV!

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Audio, video, and lighting production courses

Operating equipment on film, radio, at festivals or on stage productions; recording footage; monitoring lighting so it will be suitable for an audience – these are all tasks essential to being an Audio-Visual Technician.

Certificate III in Live Production and Technical Services

Offered by TAFEs all around Australia, this Certificate is constantly being updated to include the latest information about what it takes to work in a live production environment. You can choose a speciality and run with it, and in 24 months, finish the course with a nationally recognised accreditation.

Take the plunge!

Almost all of the courses we’ve highlighted can be taken on a flexible schedule – so whether you’re looking to study online, experience a blend of classroom and off-campus learning, or fully in-person, you’ll have ease when selecting a course.

Another thing worth keeping in mind is the opportunity to gain the skills you need through the free TAFE initiative, which covers tuition fees across eligible courses. This initiative differs from state to state, but it’s worth taking the time to see which courses and initiatives are offered in your state.

Good luck – and we hope you enjoy your studies!

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