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28 Sep 2021



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Clean Vibes are Australia’s leading sustainable cleaning and waste management company within the venue and events industries. The team, led by Founder and Managing Director Andrew Macarthur, took Gig Nation for a behind-the-scenes look on one of their projects.

Day 1

Our day starts at the warehouse where we prepare the waste bins and load trucks ready to head to the festival site. Once we arrive on-site, we are inducted by the event manger and our team commence setting up all the waste infrastructure.

Day 2

Pre cleaning usually starts the day before Event Day. Our team will go over the site, ensuring all areas are ready for operation. This includes areas such as site sheds, back of stage spaces, VIP artist areas, all amenities, back of house areas such as medical and police, as well as the main dancing/concert areas for patrons.

While one team is pre cleaning the event space we have another team building the bins, lining them and placing them behind bars around site for patrons usage, and in back of house areas.

Day 3 – Show Day

Show day starts with our cleaning manger and two event staff completing the pre-gate checks. During pre-gate checks, the Clean Vibes team will complete a final check of all event spaces before doors open. This will usually occur at least 2-3 hours before the event opens and includes checking areas such as entry and exit points, amenities, VIP Areas and ensuring bins are placed in the right spots.

Once all checks have been completed and actioned, our on-site manager will meet our staff to sign them on and get their uniforms and equipment.

Once all staff are signed on and ready, our manger will conduct an event briefing where staff are informed of their duties for the day. These are split up into groups; ‘waste monitors’, ‘litter pickers’, ‘amenities team’, ‘waste sorters’ or ‘BOH Area’ to name a few.

During the event, staff will go about their duties accordingly while our cleaning manager and supervisors ensure they are staying on task!

Day 4

At the conclusion of the event, a new team of staff will come onto site and start bulking out the waste, cleaning and closing down the toilets, and emptying bins.

Waste sorting continues post event, this ensures we are maximizing recycling and reducing landfill as much as possible.

Day 5

The final day of bump out ends with a detailed clean of the event or festival site, which includes a comprehensive litter pick sweep, before the last of the bins are trucked off-site. Finally, the Clean Vibes team meets with the event supervisor for a post-event site handover.

Waste Management Sustainability

The pandemic changed the way Australians viewed so many aspects of their lives, from the importance of spending time with loved ones to the possibility of attending a Zoom work meeting in their pajama’s. The pause in world activity also showed how quickly Mother Nature was able to bounce back.

For this reason, the post-Covid world will see events and festivals looking to promote sustainability in their industry to continue to put environmental needs first.

Banning plastic straws won’t be enough in 2021 and beyond, it will take correct waste management plans that bring step-by-step custom solutions to manage and dispose of the waste created by events and festivals.

What waste streams should be made available on site? Are there waste reduction strategies to limit the amount of waste going to landfill? Are the cleaning chemicals environmentally friendly? Are we using biodegradable plastics?

These are the types of waste management questions that event and festival organisers will need to answer going forward.

Andrew Macarthur from event waste management and sustainability company Clean Vibes, speaks of the importance of introducing an effective waste management and sustainability plan to your event.

Whether it’s extra cleaners for event bathrooms or commercial disinfectant teams to give multi-day events a complete reset, hygiene has become more important.

‘’We partner with event and festival organisers to ensure we have the correct waste infrastructure onsite therefore diverting on average 86% of waste and recycling from landfill sites. Introducing the ‘return and earn’ scheme onsite at each event ensures that valuable recourses are responsibly managed, while also providing rebates back to the event and festival organisers,” Macarthur says.

The team also works closely with event and festival promotors and vendors to ensure they use more recyclable or reusable service-ware and products from the outset.

“If we can control what comes on to site, we can control what leaves the site, and we use our many partners to take all the different types of waste produced so that it can be turned into new products.”

All Photos: Clean Vibes

Written by Andrew Macarthur

Founder and Managing Director of Clean Vibes

Contact Andrew to discuss Waste Management, Sustainability and Hygiene Practices for your next event, venue or festival.

1300 253 268


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