Australian Live Entertainment Industry Launches #VAXTHENATION Campaign


6 Sep 2021



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In a joint effort by over 400 of Australia’s biggest artists, performers, and major businesses, a new #VaxTheNation campaign launched today. Uniting the music industry with the same vision of ending the relentless interruptions to live entertainment culture by encouraging everyone to come out and get vaccinated.

Amongst the campaign partners are many leading tour promoters including Chugg Entertainment, Frontier Touring, Live Nation, Secret Sounds & TEG [Dainty] to name a few. Partners also include many big-name music festivals like A Day on the Green, Bluesfest, Beyond the Valley, Groovin the Moo, CMC Rocks QLD, Falls Festival, Festival X, St Jerome’s Laneway and more, as well as a multitude of live music venues, ticketing agencies, record labels, comedy producers, theatre and opera companies, streaming platforms, and industry associations.

The new movement, spearheaded by the newly-formed Live Industry Venues + Entertainment Alliance (LIVE Alliance) has already started picking up steam on social media, and is complemented by a tv ad (set to Powderfinger’s ‘My Happiness’), and other digital and physical advertising mediums.

Stating on the campaign’s website that live entertainment industry has been ‘one of the hardest-hit by the pandemic; as the first to close and last to open’, LIVE Alliance are calling on all Australians to go and get vaccinated so that live music gigs – IRL events – can make their ‘magical’ comeback again.

For further information and resources, visit the

Watch the campaign video below:

Photo: #VaxTheNation Campaign


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