Australian Event Awards Begins its Month-Long Industry Celebration


6 Oct 2021



Written By Staff Writer



Due to the recent COVID outbreaks around Australia, ongoing travel restrictions and an overwhelming amount of feedback from the event industry, the Australian Event Awards has taken a brand new approach of turning the entire month of October into a continued celebration of their entrants, finalists and winners.

For the first few weeks of October, the Australian Event Awards Facebook page will be highlighting the achievements of all Award entrants in the face of an extremely difficult time for the event industry in general, including recognition of a few individuals that were integral to continuing event operations. These highlights will run until the 19th of October, please show them some love by liking their page.

Photo: ChromeFest Overdrive TV 2020, Central Coast Council

So far, a total of sixteen highlights for current entrants have been published including Best Event entrants:

In addition to Achievement and Organisation entrants:

Photo: Harley Davidson Pan America Media Launch 2021, The Shift, New South Wales

Following the entrant highlights, there will be 12 days of finalist and winner announcements, spanning the 20th to 31st of October. Throughout these 12 days, there will be bite sized broadcasts uploaded to the Event Awards Youtube Channel. Please make sure to like the videos and subscribe!

For more information and the program of category announcement dates, head to our website:

Feature Photo: Australian Event Awards Schedule


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