AGPC Announce Bass Coast Festival of Motorsport to be held on Phillip Island


6 Aug 2021



Written By Staff Writer



In a much-needed boost for the event and tourist economy of Phillip Island, the Australian Grand Prix Corporation yesterday announced the Bass Coast Festival of Motorsport, a three day racing event staged on the course and dates of the previously cancelled 2021 Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix. 

The festival will run from the 22nd-24th of October and will take place on the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, where multiple two and four wheel motorsport races will be held, culminating in the Supercars competing in the Bunnings Trade Phillip Island Supersprint – their final outing before the Bathurst 1000. 

The event has been planned to reinvigorate local tourism, after the cancellation of this year’s MotoGP left a gaping hole in Phillip Island’s would-be income. It should also bring plenty of work for desperate Victorian event staff, with the AGPC assuring plenty of “employment opportunities, while a range of local businesses, artists and producers will be showcased at the event itself.”

This sentiment was echoed by Kim Storey, the General Manager for Destination Phillip Island, who mentioned that “Forty-four percent of our local economy is based on the tourism economy. We’re ready to welcome event visitors and be back in the spotlight for our iconic motorsport venue – the event will deliver a vibrancy we have missed.”

Australian Grand Prix Corporation CEO Andrew Westacott added that the festival will also showcase “some of Australia’s best natural experiences and culinary offerings”, seemingly opening up opportunities for a range of Australian food vendors and other related staff who would have been affected by COVID-19.

While it remains to be seen whether the mounting COVID cases in Victoria will hinder the festival this far out, the cooperation of the state government in staging this event is nevertheless a strong sign for an industry that has been repeatedly devastated by lockdowns and other pandemic-related logistical issues. With AGPC Chairman Paul Little AO stating that this “wonderful event” has been facilitated “with the support and consent of the Victorian Government,” it is hoped that government collaboration will continue into the broader events sector. 

Photo: Phillip Island Circuit


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