A Christmas (in July) Tale that tells an all-too-familiar Story


19 Jul 2021



Written By Staff Writer



BBQs, beach visits and beers – the epitome of an Australian Christmas. Our European counterparts have a wholly different experience, one that the Christmas in July event hoped to bring once again to Sydney-siders this winter.

BBR, the creative events agency behind the Christmas in July event as well as Mov’in bed outdoor cinemas and Sydney’s French cultural event Bastille Festival, wanted to provide Australians with an authentic French Christmas market, with everything from sweet and savoury crepes to melted cheese stations. There was even the opportunity to enjoy loved Christmas movies at an outdoor cinema, with a glass of mulled wine in hand.

The festivities were originally scheduled to be held at the Rocks from July 1 to 4, but following the outbreak and lockdown in Greater Sydney, the event was relocated to Canberra. Whilst festival director Vincent Hernandez was sad he couldn’t host in Sydney as had been tradition for the last few years, his main sentiment was that he was looking forward to still being able to bring festivities, light, and magic to Canberrans.  

As such, the event was moved to the National Rose Garden at Parkes, where the team continued to work on bringing a true winter Christmas market to Australia’s capital City. However, as the outbreak grew, most of the team stuck outside of the ACT, and the event organisers wanting to ensure that it would be safe, they postponed the event further, moving it to the last weekend of July.

The struggle didn’t end there, however. As the lockdown in NSW continued, and border restrictions continued to stay in place, the team eventually had to make the difficult decisionto cancel the 2021 event altogether.

“We are super saddened to not be able to bring the event to light this year,” said Vincent via the event’s facebook page. “It’s heartbreaking news, as the team has been working very hard for months and have been looking forward to this event for a long time.”

This is a heart-breaking story of determination, struggle and ultimately disappointment for the event organisers and patrons. Unfortunately though, this is not an isolated story these days, with event organisers nationwide continuing to struggle with the ever-present danger of snap lockdowns and constantly shifting goalposts. Whilst the winter wonderland will not be able to be held this year due to the pandemic, we’relooking forward to experiencing it in all its magic in 2022.

Photo: Stock Image / Humphrey Muleba / Unsplash


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